Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bookseller Review: Blue Whale Books

Blue Whale Books
115 W. Main St.
Charlottesville, VA

Blue Whale Books is located on Charlottesville's downtown mall, and has all of the usual sections, but seems to specialize in old prints, maps, Virginiana and art/architecture.

What we like:
The location can't be beat, the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable, they often have a dog to visit with, it's probably the cleanest used-book store on the planet, and they separate "new arrivals" from the rest, so it's easy to know what you haven't seen lately.

What we don't like:
The fiction sections, both paperback and hardcover, tend to skew a little more toward the newer side than we'd prefer.

Would we go again? Because of its location, we do go often. If it were somewhere else in town, our visits would be less frequent, but we'd not stay away for too long.

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