Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bookseller Review: Daedalus Bookshop

Daedalus Bookshop
123 4th St. NE
Charlottesville, VA

Daedalus Bookshop has three floors and over 100,000 books. They specialize in fiction, but they have a little bit of everything.

What we like: 
A huge selection of the kinds of books we are looking for, including the best hardcover fiction section we've encountered, by far. Sandy, the owner, is extremely nice, helpful, and funny. And they're open seven days a week.

What we don't like: 
Hard not to like everything here. If we had one complaint, it'd be that some of the paperback fiction is alongside the (narrow and winding) staircase to the basement, which makes it difficult to browse through a decent chunk of the alphabetical-by-author offerings.

Would we go again? Absolutely, it's a weekly visit when we are home.

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