Monday, March 19, 2012

Bookseller Review: Heartwood Books

Heartwood Books
5 Elliwood Ave. Charlottesville, VA

Heartwood Books, over on The Corner, by the UVA campus, specializes in Literature, Americana, Virginia, and Thomas Jefferson.

What we like: Good-size collection of older used fiction. The owner knows we're on the hunt for Riverside Editions, and holds them for us as they come in. There's a rumor that there is a rare/antiquarian room next door, but we've yet to explore it.

What we don't like: Not a lot to dislike, but because it's close to UVA, the fiction section can be overrun at times by newer editions of classics, likely sold by students who no longer need them, and then bought by students who do.

Would we go again? Yes. Anytime we're over by the UVA campus, we pop in for a visit.

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