Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bookseller Review: SPCA Rummage Store

SPCA Rummage Store
943 Preston Ave.
Charlottesville, VA

SPCA Rummage Store is a thrift store whose sales supports the Charlottesville SPCA. They sell antiques, collectibles, art, toys, vehicles, furniture, clothing, office supplies, appliances, books, tvs, dvds, audio/video, computers, housewares, linens, sporting goods, and more. Books are half-price every first Saturday of the month.

What we like: On the first-Saturday sale, at $0.50 a paperback and $1.50 for hardcovers, there is always bound to be something we'll take home with us. 

What we don't like: The classics section is pretty small. 

Would we go again? Every first Saturday of the month, if we can make it. 

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