Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bookseller Review: Gabriel Books

Gabriel Books
21 Market St.
Northampton, MA

Books of all types bought, sold, and appraised. The book buyer is in the store on Fridays and Saturdays. Housecalls can be made for larger collections. The bookshop was started as The Madeleine in Isla Vista, California in 1972 by John and Patty Riley. It continued as The Globe in Northampton, Massachusetts, and now is named Gabriel Books after the owners' son, Gabe.

What we like: Cozy space, books everywhere, a healthy section of classics, friendly owner who gave us a great bumper sticker.

What we don't like: No real complaints other than some of the things we really liked were out of our price range.   

Would we go again? Absolutely. Given a bit more time, I am sure we'd walk out of there with more than we did our first trip.

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